Cooperation Method:        We specialize in the development of TWS Bluetooth headset functions. We provide customers with in-depth customization of FLASH versions of Qualcomm QCC for free, and in-depth customization of Realtek and Rhoda's modified code. Prevent ODM and solution providers from investing too much software development costs and improve product development efficiency.         We participate in customer hardware design and function review, and provide customers with software development based on custom hardware. After the test and verification of the customer function module, the customer focuses on supply chain management and purchases the BOM list. We provide software authorization and certification services so that customers can make products at a lower cost, thereby winning more competitiveness in the market and gaining higher profits. .         We also customize PCBA for our customers to help them get their products to market quickly.   About Us:        Tengtai Technology Co., Ltd. provides QCC, Realtek, Airoha and other Bluetooth headset solutions with in-depth customized outsourcing services. It is committed to providing faster and more cost-effective software solutions for various enterprises. Manufacturers are responsible for supply chain management and production or brand owners are responsible for brand operations and industrial design. We provide one-stop mass production authorization tools and services for enterprises.   Contact Us: Email: Phone: +86-17150309559 Q Q: 646701628 WeChat: tengtaijishu02 Address: Room 510B, Caiyue Building, Minzhi Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.





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